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About Zimtransit

For almost four years, we have been moving goods and equipment from Australia to Zimbabwe. It is something we have become very good at and it is what we really enjoy doing,  As we grow our business, we are continually looking for ways to improve our service. There is an inherent desire amongst the Zimtransit crew to provide greater value for our customers, seeking solutions to difficult challenges and delivering better quality and value than our competitors do.

Let's face it, there is always going to be competition. Our philosophy is to embrace it as motivation to keep getting better at what we do.

These are some of the things we believe we do particularly well with regards to the freight of goods;

-  Shipping quotations

-  Trade & payment facilitation

-  Analysis and planning of appropriate forwarding  solutions

-  Preparation of cargo for shipment, including packaging

-  Pre-shipment inspections

-  Handling and loading solutions

-  Door to door pick up within Sydney (Conditions apply)

-  Shipment tracking and reporting

-  Export and import Customs compliance, including duty classification and tariff

-  Duty Clearing

-  Warehousing

Please contact  Zimbabwe Information Centre website for more inofrmation

Our consignments include
Petrol Generators
Fridges & Freezers
Washing Machines
Water Pumps & Coolers
Computers, Printers and Servers
Telecoms equipement and Mobile Phones
Entertainment Centres
Lounge Suites
Tables & Chairs
Car Parts & Tools
Industrials Sewing Machines
Toilet Seats
Bath Tubs & Kitchen Sinks
Clothing & Shoes
File Cabinets
Band Saw
Electrical, Power Tools
Circular Saws
Vertical Band Saws
Carpets & Floor Tiles
Groceries & toys
Gas Stoves & Gas Tanks
Vehicle Tyres
Ice Cream and Pop corn Makers

Commercial Photocopiers
Tyre Changers
Farm Rippers
Tractor Fertizer Sprays
Tractor Drawn Seeders
Heavy Duty Rakes
Heavy 3-Phase electric Motors
Injectoy Cleaning Machines
30 tonne truck tyres
We have also ferried: