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Charity Donations

Rebate of duty on goods donated to associations and organisations

Religious organisations can also benefit from the rebate of duty on goods donated to them for use in charitable or welfare work. The organisation and the goods must have been approved by the Commissioner General.

This rebate, however, is not granted in the following circumstances:

Where the goods have been paid for with funds from local banking institutions or local branches of banking institutions registered and operating in Zimbabwe whether or not the funds were donated and payment is for freight unless there is proof that the funds were deposited into local banking institutions from a foreign source I order to purchase goods for the use of the charitable organisation.
                        - importation of second-hand or used motor vehicles.
                        - importation of new clothing, shoes and bed linen.

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Zimbabwe Aid Association Inc, is a Sydney based organisation that seeks to help the struggling and starving masses of Zimbabwe by raising cash and kind through various fundraising activities.

The Zimbabwe Aid Fund (ZAF) was established for the purpose of raising funds to support the pensioners in Zimbabwe. The plight of the elderly is one of the less publicised outcomes of Zimbabwe's social, economic and political collapse.