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Customs Clearing

How duty is calculated

  - Duty is calculated on the basis of Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) value of the imported goods.

       - The CIF value of the imported goods is an aggregate of the cost of goods, insurance, freight and any
         other charges incurred outsider Zimbabwe

For example : Petrol Generator If you are sending a 2500w Petrol generator valued at USD200.00, and you paid USD100 for freight , duty will be:

                    Value (Cost) of the item:                 $ 200.00
                    Freight to ZIM:                                    $ 100.00
                    Insurance Paid:                                   $     0.00
                    Total CIF:                                               $ 300.00
                    Duty @ 40                                             $ 120.00

Value for Tax Purposes ($300 + 120)                                  $ 420.00
                    VAT @ 15%                                                                 
$   63.00

Therefore Total Amount payable                                          $ 183.00

For example : Motor Vehicle
Duty is calculated based on the value for duty purposes (i.e. value of the vehicle plus freight plus insurance plus any other charge/s incurred outside Zimbabwe). The following example illustrates how duty is calculated :

                       Value of car                                                                  $  6 000.00
                Freight and insurance                                                 $  1 400.00
                Value for duty purposes ($6 000 +$1 400)              $  7 400.00
                Customs Duty at 40% *                                                 $  2 960.00
                Value for tax purposes ($7 400 +$2 960)                 $10 360.00
                VAT at 15% of $10 360                                                $  1 554.00
                Surtax at 25%                                                                $  1 850.00

                Total duty payable                                                     $  6 364.00

* The rates of duty on imported motor vehicles are dependent on the type of vehicle being imported.
a) Motor vehicles for the transport of ten or more persons including the driver attract Customs Duty of 0% to 60% (buses, kombis, etc.)

b) Motor vehicles principally designed for the transport of persons other than those mentioned above attract Customs Duty of 25% to 40%. These vehicles include light passenger motor vehicles, station wagons, etc.)

c) Motor vehicles for the transport of goods attract Customs Duty of 25% to 40% depending on the gross vehicle weight. This category includes pick-up trucks and double cabs

In addition to the Customs Duty, there is Value Added Tax (VAT) of 15% and Surtax of 25% on second-hand motor vehicles which are more than five years old

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