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Frequently Asked Question

  What is Zimtransit?

Zimtransit gives zimbabweans all around Australia an opportunity to send stuff to their family friends and relatives at a much affordable and reliable means. Zimtransit organises and send a 20ft or 40ft container to Zimbabwe every month end. The container load capacity reached on that particular month.

People who want to send stuff to Zimbabwe, need to register on this website. deliver/post the items to specified address Zimtransit will measure/weigh your items and give you the invoice.

We will endeavour to send a container as often as possible, however a container can be deferred to the following month if patronage is poor. You can book and pay for your space any time for the next container.

If the container is not full, and not financial viable to send the container, it will be held until it is financial viable to send the container.

You can send almost anything legal – ranging from groceries to household items, garden tools, building material and agricultural implements. You cannot send fresh foods, fuel, gas and other explosive or corrosive materials. You cannot send cars, trailers and other big machinery that does not fit in a 20ft or 40ft container

Freight costs are calculations are based on volume and mass of the item. You are literally paying for space in the container. They are ancillary costs associated with local or destination deliveries.

Payments can be made through the bank or via Paypal. The account for bank transfers is: Account Name: Zimtransit Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia BSB: 062322 Account Number: 10322326

A Pick up service does exist within Sydney area, but it is chargeable (Please phone for pickup arrangements).

Can I post or send my stuff by courier

Yes. Small items can be delivered or sent by courier (see location address). Please indicate on the item delivery note when you are likely to deliver your stuff.

I am 2000 km away from Sydney, how can I send my items?

Your items can be sent by courier or by posts. We already got pre-packaged groceries if you need to send groceries home.

In Zimbabwe, where will you deliver my stuff?

The container's final destination is a location in Harare or Bulawayo. Items that need to be delivered to other cities may be sent by SWIFT for overnight deliveries, but this service is chargeable. Recipients can pick up the stuff from SWIFT depot. Those in and around Bulawayo or Harare can pick their stuff from destination location.

Both the sender and the receiver will be notified when, • container has left Australia • container has reached destination • goods have been sent to SWIFT • Items have been picked up by recipient Is there a delivery service in Zimbabwe?

Yes. Your items can be delivered in and around Bulawayo or Harare. A special arrangement is required for items to be delivered outside these cities.

The process is secure as any other transportation process involving containers and international freighters.

Duty is paid by the sender. Zimtransit will send all the shipping documents ahead for customs clearing. Once the duty is determined the senders will be notified.

It takes between 30 and 60 days. There are occasional container delays that are beyond Zimtransit, we can only assure you delivery based on the shipping line ETA, but we cannot guarantee any delivery time.

Packing your items into a tight small package will make them easier to carry. Items like beds, bicyles and some furniture can be dismantled and neatly packed. This will make them cost less in terms of freight costs and customs duty.

You cannot send the following list of items: • Perishable or Fresh foods • Gas fuels, Petrol & Diesel • Weapons and other explosive materials • Prohibited drugs • Cars, Trailers and Other heavy machinery • Subversive and prohibited material that is likely to cause problems at customs (Politically sensitive material, pornographic material, pirated DVD/CD copies etc)

Items that get lost due to the negligence of Zimtransit will be refunded as stipulated on the terms and conditions. In the near future all items will be fully insured.

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