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Making Bookings

Your Packages
Fill in details of each of your packages: for example
Package Desc: Describe your package eg, white box -groceries or checkered bag - second hand clothing or bicycle

- Package Type (Select Package types, e.g suitcase, small box etc)
- Container (Select the container from the list)
- Length
- Width
- Height




 Your Items
  List the item details for each package you created. Please include the following details:
  - Item description
  - Category (Select the most appropriate category - List of categories)
  - Item Value (Estimate)
  - Item Qty
  - Item Mass (Estimate) if clothing
  - No of Pairs (if Shoes)

Your Recipients
Enter your full recipient details, full name and surname, address details and telephones (including mobile phones). You can enter more than one recipient, however where a delivery service exist, deliveries will be made to only selected recipient

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If you live in Sydney and you want a taste of fresh African farm produce, please don't hesitate to contact Philip on 0437149130 or click here for more information

Zimbabwe Books is a non-profit organisation set up purely to raise money for Zimbabwe charities. 100% of revenue generated goes directly to those in need through various volunteer groups. There is no Zimbabwe Government involvement and no international charity organisations. Zimbabwe Books and the Zimbabwe Aid Fund are run by volunteers and there are no administrative costs involved. If you require further information please email Sean Kelly at info@zimbabwebooks.com

Zimbabwe Books
Please don't forget to purchase a Zimbabwean Books for nieces nad nephews at home - revenue raised on the sale of books goes charities in Zimbabwe. Click here or the Zimbabwe books banner below to access the Zimbabwe Books website for more information.