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You play an important role in this task; making sure that your shipment is properly protected and packaged and ensuring that it is accurately labelled. Always have a copy of the list of items in the box.

Your goods may be handled many times by many different hands before it gets to the end destination. Please ensure for your benefit that the box/carton you choose to package your goods in is the correct size for the item you are sending. There are different sized boxes for a reason.

Choose a box that has enough room for your item and some protective packaging. Also try and package heavy items into smaller boxes (preferably double-walled boxes) and lightweight bulkier items into larger boxes.

Clearly label all packages on the top of each item. This allows for faster identification and minimal handling.

Do not place any tape or shrinkwrap over the address label.

Give complete sender and recipient addresses, including phone and postal codes.
Include your address and the destination address inside the shipment

Package Size
Don't make the carton too heavy. This may cause issues in a few ways:

The carton may break at the bottom

 Sortation staff in depots may drop it accidentally (because they've underestimated the weight),

Your carton may be loaded into the 'bulk freight' section of a vehicle which means your carton sits amongst heavy and large freight, with the possibility of damage increasing

Don't overload the box with too many items or too much weight. It's al ways better to package multiple items individually (if possible) and use more than one box if required. This way each individual item can receive the benefit of proper protection from packaging material and the box.

Do not lock your packages, the customs may want open the package for physical inspection

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Item Listings
Create a listing of all you items, and submit this with your bookings and please keeo a copy for yourself. On your listing please estimate the value of each of the items for customs duty calculations.